Below are a few of my latest website designs, showcasing many different types of businesses.

danny taddei | individual/online store
individual/online store


Director of wanderlust. Teacher in the love of palm trees, hammocks, and sun-soaked tropics. Beach chair specialist. Sailing apologist and beggar of radio airtime and rum. Also known to play guitar, piano, marimba, steel drum and other noise making devices.

security self storage laf | business

security self storage

We are a local self-storage business located in Lafayette LA, that cares most about the security of your belongings and the impact on your wallet. We have been doing business since 1984. We are safe and reasonably priced. We look forward to meeting you in person.

patrea photo | individual


It all started in the summer of 19…(let's not say exactly) when I received a used 35mm camera as payment for a whole summer of babysitting 6 children. Looking back that was probably equal to about 50 cents an hour. Regardless, through that camera, I discovered my love for photography.

demos masters | business


Recording is made great when musical ears meet technical knowledge and the right selection of gear for the job. Essentially, Demos Masters is my baby. I’m Danny Taddei and I knew what I was doing back in 1986. Since then I have only gotten better and more tasteful at what I do.

maac.jtprogramming | business

I designed, wrote content for, and developed as part of the Jubilee BEST 2016 Robotics Competition. Our team advanced to the state level and I scored a perfect score for web design.

production.dannytaddei | business

Estimates are free. The quoted price for your project is based on a finished product and includes the cost of my entire team. Your project quote will be fully-inclusive, without hidden fees or unexpected charges.